October 2005

October 27, 2005

Ballmer on services

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(Sorry, my personal blog (and the machine that runs it) died while I’m on the road. I should have it up again Sunday or Monday).

Some sage advice from Steve Ballmer on services;

Ballmer also suggested that the corporate network and the Web shouldn’t be thought of as two entities that get searched separately and that the two should be tied together to provide one seamless search experience.

which happens to jive nicely with some recent advice from the W3C TAG to the WS-Addressing working group, which were one of the outcomes of an issue I raised;

Web Architecture dictates that resources should be identified with
URIs. Thus, use of the abstract properties of an EPR other than
wsa:address to identify resources is contrary to Web Architecture. In
certain circumstances, use of such additional properties may be convenient
or beneficial, perhaps due to the availability of QName-based tools. When
building systems that violate this principle, care must be taken to weigh
the tradeoffs inherent in deploying resources that are not on the Web.

Here’s hoping that this might serve to motivate Web services proponents to realize the Web meets their requirements – for a loosely coupled, document oriented, platform independent distributed computing framework – better than Web services themselves.

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October 4, 2005

Yet Another Weblog

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If you’re interested in the use of XML in compound documents, I’ve started writing a semi-regular “column” on the xfytec community site (specifically, the news section, but the site’s going to be restructured to make news more prominent).

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