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September 25, 2021

Lawdepot Free Separation Agreement

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The introduction to an agreement, also known as Exordium (isn`t that a great word?), is the part of an agreement identifying the parties to the agreement, containing a title for the agreement and fixing the date on which the agreement will be concluded. This section is generally as follows: the recitals form the basis on which the agreement is based. They should be enough to tell a complete stranger why the parties have reached not only an agreement, but this particular agreement. It is important that the recitals are as comprehensive as possible, because if someone tries to challenge the agreement in the future, the recitals set out the facts that were important to the parties at the time the agreement was concluded. You should not use a separation agreement if you do not know where your spouse is or if your spouse refuses to give consent. See “Family Law Convention”. A B.C. company named Self-Counsel Press publishes a variety of do-it-yourself contract kits as well as instructions for filling out and executing, or you could try, an American company that says it has family law contract kits that are suitable for British Columbia. In the right of ownership, the action of an owner of a thing who transfers ownership of that matter to another person, normally in exchange for money or other property in case of sale or in exchange for other rights in case of family law agreement. . . .

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