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September 24, 2021

It Collective Agreement 2020

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The C VOC framework is part of the central outcome of the collective bargaining process made available in the collective agreement (VOK): 0.8% in 2020, 0.8% in 2021 and 1.0% in 2022. IT Services Sector Collective Agreement 20.2.2020-30.11.2021 Businesses with a federal activity or more than 800 employees must negotiate a trusted organization to increase interaction on the ground. The collective agreement sets out a minimum number of issues to be discussed. Hours of careAs the future, the hours of care will be paid to the time bank after the time saved – for the first time in January 2021. The scheme was taken over directly by the collective agreement. All collective agreements for 2020-2021 (in Finnish) Minimum wage From 1 July 2021, the minimum wage of a full-time worker will be DKK 25,000, excluding Nordea`s pension (DKK 25,500 in 2022). The provision was adopted directly in the standard collective agreement (Danish: Standardoverenskomst – STOK). What else is new compared to the previous agreement? Parties to the negotiations United Union Service WFP and the Finnish trade association Period: 1.2.2020-31.1.2022 Nordea Løn (Nordea Salary), as the new salary model is called, will be introduced and implemented in autumn 2020. Nordea Løn`s principles are applied in the LDP, where employees and managers engage in dialogue about achieving last year`s goals – typically in Q1.

The conclusion will then serve as the basis for the wage dialogue – which will result for the first time in 2021 in the real adjustment of wages on 1 July. The flat-rate salary (Danish: Jobløn) is a new approach introduced in the standard collective agreement adopted in the spring and will also be applied from 1 July 2021 in Nordea`s collective agreement. . . .

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