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September 17, 2021

Directv Service Agreement Contract

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It may seem easier to read the thoughts than to read your cable contract to find meaning in what you`ve signed. But reading your contract could be the golden ticket you need to get away from your TV provider without losing a lot of money. You know how much time is left on your contract. Be prepared to discuss early cancellation fees. You do not want to terminate your service if your cancellation fee is higher than what would cost you to pay for the rest of your contract. So it`s important to do the math to find out which one is most appropriate for you. Yes, it takes a bit of work to terminate DirecTV, but with a few simple steps, you can free yourself from the contract and save money every month. Whatever your financial situation, savings can be much better used. I have had a direct TV service in the past, where everything was fine and the service was good. I attracted the address and called direct TV to inform them of the move, well, I went out to find out that the best option was to terminate this service and open a new service with the Internet and fixed package. Everything was done by direct television, it would work according to the representative, because I would share the services with my son-in-law on the second floor.

Now that she has connected me to the whole package, I called att to change my landline number to the new address. To my surprise, I was told that there were no more landlines in my area. I was upset because I was already in the direct TV package, where they didn`t inform me that they had connected me without any problem. I spent more than two hours on the phone with att and tried to separate the fixed network that was exposed to me by direct TELEVISION, and I always had the course. After this incident, I had my services separated with cable and internet, I was promised a speed of 50, which was the maximum for my territory, and that`s what my technician told me he did. Not only that, but he had to go hunting in my neighborhood to find my package for installation. He found it at another address, they sent my stuff to the wrong address. There wasn`t even half a month in the deal or signed to Direct TV. I was separated for non-payment, which is strange when you consider that I had the service less than a month. I called directly on TV, where they said I had a credit in my bill and they didn`t understand why my services were separated.

They turned my cable back on, but I had to call the internet because direct-to-home telling me they had nothing to do with their part of the business. I spent another hour and a half solving the Internet part. They said it was a mistake and they were going to turn my services back on. .

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