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April 13, 2021

Tesla Solar Panel Subordination Agreement

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Subscription payments are made as soon as your system is activated. Your deposit covers your first month of service. Then your monthly payment will be processed on the anniversary of your system`s activation date. You can cancel your subscription at any time with no cancellation fee. After the cancellation, your solar panels will be turned off and will remain on your roof until you decide to reactivate them or have them removed at a time acceptable to both parties. If you want your system removed, Tesla will do the system removal work at your cost of $2,500, unless otherwise stated in your contract. If you sell your home, you can transfer the contract to the new owner or cancel the contract and pay to remove the system before the trust is concluded. On that date, Powerwall cannot be added to the subscription contract, but you can purchase Powerwall separately. Value added for your solar subscription with a Powerwall that offers backup power and greater energy independence. Solar subscription customers pay a monthly fee that includes solar panels and other necessary equipment, installation and maintenance. Your monthly subscription depends on which of the four standard system sizes you want to install. Learn more about the right size of the solar system for your home.

If you subscribe to Solar at Tesla, you pay a monthly price for using a solar panel that directly supplies your home with clean energy from the sun. Subscribe to solar energy allows customers to go solar without the higher prior costs for the purchase of a solar panel. Our subscriptions are evaluated at the regional level to reduce the average electricity bill more than the monthly subscription payment, which means you can start saving immediately. You can expand your system if you decide to want more solar panels after installation by signing up for an updated subscription contract. We currently do not offer any options to reduce your subscription system. Tesla has several financing options for solar panels to meet your needs. The decision to subscribe or buy your system depends on your preferences as a homeowner and thinking about the length of your stay in your home. You can change your financial payment options until installation begins. The language contained in the contract, such as Z.B. Terms, guarantees and guarantees, is specific to your type of contract and cannot be changed.

The subscription process begins by entering your address and monthly electricity bill into our Studio Design, available on Tesla`s website. This information allows us to provide you with a recommended size of the solar system based on your average monthly energy consumption and the size of sunlight you can receive at home, based on historical regional indices. You can also manually select another size of the solar panel system to compare your estimated monthly and 25-year savings. To qualify for a solar subscription, you must own your home and appear on the electricity bill with one of the following utilities: Purchase credits >10 years and performance guarantee panel 25 years Tesla offers a solar subscription for private and commercial use in limited areas. Learn more about solar subscriptions for business customers. Credit Purchase Yes Use your tax credit on your loan to maintain the monthly payment payment Tesla holds tax credit to offer low subscription prices the subscription can be purchased separately in cash or on loan. Information about your electricity bill is used to assess your estimated energy consumption.

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