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April 12, 2021

Shared House Ownership Agreement

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Conceptually, the condominium contract is the first and last word on any real estate investment issue. Practically, the agreement is first used to ensure that everyone is on the same side in terms of expectations and intentions (and if you can`t really get on the same side, if nothing concrete is yet at stake, it may be unwise to create a joint venture with these particular parties, and you may have just avoided tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. , stress, grief and anger. After the signing, the contract is then awarded and, ideally, there will be no issues requiring the appeal of certain clauses of the agreement. If the parties then encounter a problem that they cannot resolve among themselves, they can then go to the terms of the co-ownership agreement to settle their dispute definitively. The purchase price is only the first in a long list of costs related to demstrich to the property. A property contract can determine who is responsible for recurring costs, such as property taxes, association fees and utilities, and when they are to be paid. The agreement may also specify the parties responsible for the overall repair of emergency maintenance and repairs. If the agreement is sufficiently detailed, it can also indicate the direction to follow if one of the parties does not meet its contractual obligations. If you wish to transfer ownership of the property, a termination order is a quick and simple method, but it is only recommended in certain circumstances. If all goes well with the purchase of your property, it will accumulate equity over time.

Don`t overlook the inclusion in your co-ownership agreement of a provision detailing when, if any, equity should be taken from your property and how it will be allocated. If your co-ownership agreement authorizes a repayment or a second mortgage, it is imperative that the agreement also mentions the owners who can continue to tax the property. If your agreement requires the sale of the property instead of a refinancing, it should indicate when and how the property can be sold. A full land ownership contract should also determine what happens when the issue of refinancing arises. For example, if a party wishes to refinance with a second mortgage, the document should look at the application for approval of all parties and what will happen if unanimous approval is not possible.

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