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April 8, 2021

Ceridian Service Level Agreement

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Ceridian offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that covers: stories Site: Linkedin: Twitter: Insta: If it seems that an excessive amount of Ceridians time and resources is being spent on security, you`re right; It should be noted, however, that this is not an arbitrary initiative. On the contrary, Ceridian`s security efforts are a direct response to the accusations against the company. Indeed, following a 2011 Federal Trade Commission (FTC) decision 5-0, Ceridian did not take “reasonable and proportionate measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access,” as the company stated. According to the FTC`s decision, Ceridian failed to adequately protect the company`s network from attacks that were “reasonably foreseeable,” so that a breach of 35K customer data could exploit data easily identifiable by the FTC (including social security numbers and direct payment information). The FTC`s final mission forced Ceridian to reach an agreement to implement a comprehensive information security program, including: Ceridian`s information protection service is led worldwide by the Vice President, Information Protection Services, and supported by several local information protection offices around the company. The department is responsible for setting policies and creating standards, risk management, governance and compliance. The priorities of this group are security, data protection and business continuity. The security program is supported by the technical know-how of the security teams within the IT organization, composed of security experts with a broad base of experience. In fact, many security experts have obtained Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification; several staff members have different certifications from the SANS Institute (including several certified Legate analysts); and the company also employs certified business continuity professionals. This level of governance and human resources is unusual among HR saaS providers. As part of our app-wide self-service offering, Dayforce supports DocuSign for electronic signatures for DocuSign license customers.

Users can add and verify their DocuSign credentials directly in Dayforce. After checking, you can choose the form they want or need to use for an electronic signature. Employees can access forms signed in form history and administrators can view the employee`s signed forms in the employee`s profile. In addition, as part of Dayforce Recruiting, letters of offer can be configured to register a candidate`s signature upon acceptance with Docusign. With docuSign Agreement Cloud, you can connect, automate and speed up your contract processes digitally. Dayforce is a global HCM software platform that transforms the staff experience. It collects data from across the entire staff lifecycle to enable better decision-making at all levels. Dayforce is a comprehensive cloud platform that combines human resources, payroll, benefits, human resources management and talent management into one application. Our scalable HCM software is based on a single flexible control engine, combined with real-time updates and calculations that help meet complex regulatory requirements. Ceridian includes a computational center hardware infrastructure that offers multi-level redundancy and disaster recovery.

In particular, database clusters with external storage keys and web servers configured in a traditional agricultural environment allow Ceridian to distribute processing and achieve a high rate of use of web servers.

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