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December 17, 2020

Six Swiss Exchange Market Data Agreement

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On 30 April 2007, SWX Swiss Exchange, in conjunction with the German Stock Exchange, acquired the US options exchange ISE. The acquisition of International Securities Exchange Holding (ISE) has created one of the largest trading platforms for financial derivatives. The price of ISE was $2.8 billion and was financed by Eurex,[19] which was then 85% owned by Deutsche Berse and 15% by SWX Swiss Exchange. ISE`s revenue was approximately $178 million in 2006, and profit is close to $55 million. The ISE remains independent and retains its structure and branding. To get the SIX MDDX data stream, there are several connectivity options, including Zurich data centers, as well as De Proximity and Access Point services. We are flexible and offer you a wide range of options to choose the connectivity and interface that suits you best. We can also work with you and provide our know-how to determine the best fit for your business. For pricing information, please contact SIX Exfeed at or call HelpDesk on 41 58 399 2445. Our innovative market and trading conditions directly and efficiently provide you with high-quality market data with low latency.

Through the first-class partnerships we have established around the world, we can provide full access to data to meet the highest requirements. Our products have been designed with comfort and transparency in order to illuminate global markets and enable our customers to carry out the high quality market research they need. Access to data sources from around the world to meet the highest requirements (d) Multilateral issues: the two sides exchanged their respective priorities for several multilateral forums such as the FSB and IOSCO. This included discussing the importance of effective international coordination in response to COVID-19 and managing long-standing trends affecting the financial system, such as climate and technology. If you want to use, publish or disseminate market data, you will find current contract documents and other useful information in the table below. The conclusion of the six Exfeed Data Distribution Agreement (DDA) is the basis for the acquisition of market data from SIX Swiss Exchange. You have a choice between us, either directly or indirectly, through an information provider. In this case, the request form for sharing data must be completed by you or your supplier/subcontractor and sent to SIX Exfeed Ltd. The Geneva Stock Exchange, the Basel Stock Exchange and the Zurich Stock Exchange merged in 1993 for the SWX Swiss Exchange. [3] On August 16, 1995, for the last time, the fence bells rang on commercial soils and ended a more than 100-year era. They have been replaced by the world`s first automated trading, clearing and settlement system. For the first time worldwide, an Exchange TV programme was launched in Basel and Zurich in 1962.

Banks began to use computers, while trading was more hesitant. In 1964, Telekurs was commissioned by the Zurich Stock Exchange to study ways to use computer technology on the stock exchange. It wasn`t until the 1980s that computers finally found their way to exchange. On 8 December 1995, the electronic trading of foreign equities was introduced on 2 August 1996 for Swiss equities and options. Finally, on 16 August 1996, the bonds were also traded electronically and the trading area was removed. [14] Reference data for structured products is available on request in the closed user group area of the SIX Exfeed website at After international financial markets recovered from the Asian crisis of 1997-98 and the Russian crisis in 1998, the bull market experienced a two-year period from October 1998. This bull market was mainly fuelled by the rise of the new economy and the transition of that period. As far as Swiss stock indexes are concerned, the boom has been rather limited, as they are dominated by pharmaceutical, food and financial stocks, tand

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