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December 15, 2020

Provider Agreement For Outpatient Providers

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The Federal Office of Health and Human Services (OIG) has the power to exclude individuals and institutions from participating in Medicare, Medicaid and other federal health programs. The MHCP also excludes individuals and entities from participating in MHCP if they are on the list of suppliers excluded by the federal state or the federal states. Minnesota law requires that any person or entity providing health care or supplies within Minnesota for a fee and for reimbursement of MHCP be authorized to submit all claims electronically. All providers and their affiliated clinics or billing services must register with MN-ITS. The MHCP does not process paper requests. Once an individual operator or group provider has met the professional certification and licensing requirements, you can apply as an MHCP registered provider through the Minnesota Provider Screening and Enrollment (MpSE) portal or send the necessary application for your services by fax. For more information on registration fees, visit the ACA Enrollment Application Fee Medical Assistance. For CHIP suppliers, contact your CHIP designated Managed Care Organization (s). It is the supplier`s responsibility to keep all registration information up to date. Report any changes and updated information to your registration request by sending a change request via MPSE or faxing the following form corresponding to your practice: MHCP processes the change information and notifies the Agency if further documents are needed. MHCP sends registration status letters to suppliers, even if changes are made to the supplier`s involvement (for example.

B when providers expand or reduce the services they offer). 1. Check Criminal Identification Lists Based on Fingerprints Fingerprint-based Background Checks providers are required by affordable health care law to obtain criminal background checks based on fingerprints, including a background examination of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and a criminal record examination of the Pennsylvania State Police. In addition, anyone with a direct or indirect interest of 5% or more in the high-risk provider must also submit fingerprint-based background examinations. For more information on the regulation, visit 42 CFR 455, subsection E – Provider Screening and Enrollment, Section 455.434.

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