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December 14, 2020

Parramatta Council Planning Agreements Policy

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“36.10 In general, when negotiating a voluntary planning agreement, the Commission will endeavour to assess the increase in the value of the applicant`s land on the basis of a land assessment based on the current zone or pre-APV standard; and compare this to the assessment of the land in the event that the post-APV change is authorized as part of the instrument control or planning, net of the potential additional costs that the applicant may bear when achieving the increased value. This exercise is carried out by an evaluator who meets the criteria set out in item 16 of this directive. It is clear that broad-scale policy directions and, where appropriate, legislative interventions are available to ensure that value-recording procedures are robust, fair and consistent throughout the planning system. Parramatta City Council has published a document entitled “Parramatta CBD Planning Strategy” (2015), the Council`s values registration policy expresses the following terms: my previous article examined the concept of registering values, provided a basic agricultural rationale and described how it is generally implemented under voluntary planning agreements (VAPs) under the EPA Act 1979, in relation to planning proposals in an urban renewal context. A number of Sydney councils have recently implemented some form of value recording strategies. These councils are generally located in regional and sub-regional centres within the metropolitan area. The guidelines generally apply to the central business district and surrounding areas, where soil values and development pressure are high and where changes to existing planning controls to reflect changes in greater density would significantly increase soil value. This article examines some of the current policies and practices of selected boards in Sydney regarding the use of VVAs for value recording purposes and how they are measured in light of some important issues relating to the recording of values. “Making planning benefits available to the general public through planning agreements necessarily means accounting for some of the development benefits for this purpose. The value of planning services should always be limited to an appropriate share of development gain. The benefits of planning should never be achieved through planning agreements as a form of development taxation.┬áThe former Leichhardt Council developed a voluntary planning agreement policy (2015) that contains a policy of value creation explicit in terms: Waverley Council also has a planning policy that contains an evaluation method – available at: timing is a key factor in the implementation of value registration.

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