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December 13, 2020

Non Disclosure Agreement Beta Tester

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After Square`s internal evaluation is complete or within two (2) days of Square`s written request, the recipient destroys all confidential information, erases or returns all tangible beta products, and updates each beta version of a Square mobile app to the latest published version of this Square mobile app. The provisions of this agreement will apply to all confidential information disclosed. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California, with the exception of the choice of law. The exclusive location for all disputes related to this agreement is San Francisco County, California. Typically, a betatester receives a free copy of the finished version of the software as payment. That is what this agreement provides, although you can make other arrangements for payment, for example. B an hourly rate or a fixed tax. This clause stipulates that the software is made available to the tester “as it should be.” You do not guarantee the software and the tester waives any claims against your company resulting from the use of the Software. For example, if the claimed functions are not performed. (b) copy parts of the software or documentation, unless necessary to perform beta testing; Or feedback is what is at issue in beta testing, and this clause indicates the feedback responsibilities of testers. In most cases, feedback is explicitly identified as a tester`s responsibility and mentions some of the types of comments expected (bug reports, feature requests, etc.).

Less often, the clause contains the feedback and reporting channels that testers must use. Most importantly, developers must use this clause to obtain the necessary license through the feedback provided. This is necessary as legal protection before feedback is used in development or marketing. Here is an example of Slitherine: in this clause, the developer defines his right to change the terms of the beta agreement and whether this requires the approval of the tester. It should also inform the developer`s responsibility, if it exists, to notify testers of these changes and the channels accepted for this notification. In general, the more beta testers you include, the more flexible you should be to change. Here is another example of Talend: This agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous agreements between the parties, whether written or oral. The recipient may only use confidential information internally to evaluate beta products in accordance with this agreement, and the recipient of Square Agreement has agreed or will accept the creation of a Square account or the use of square services (the “square agreement”) and all other requirements set orally or in writing by Square (the “purpose”). The recipient does not copy any confidential information. The recipient treats confidential information with at least the utmost care with which he deals with similar materials and, in all cases, no less than a degree of due diligence.

The recipient may only disclose confidential information to its employees and contractors (its “representatives”) to the extent that this is at least as protective as this agreement for the purposes and under a written agreement. The recipient will immediately notify Square in writing if the recipient is aware of an unauthorized abuse or disclosure of confidential information.

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