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December 12, 2020

Maari Ma Enterprise Agreement

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The new national agreement to fill this gap has for the first time a higher education objective. It is also the first time that an agreement has been negotiated between governments on indigenous issues and signed by Indigenous Australians. The Coalition of Aboriginal Peak Organisation represented indigenous Australians. The 10-year agreement, approved by the National Cabinet on July 30, replaces the 2008 National Agreement on Reform for Indigenous Peoples. The goal of higher education is that 70% of Australian Indians aged 25 to 34 will have a university degree by 2031. Local Aboriginal health groups have not encountered any opposition to Woolworth`s president Gordon Cairns` assertion, a revamped website for Dan Murphy`s mega-store in Darwin. At the Woolworths General Meeting last month, Mr. Cairns revealed that the site planned for the construction of the spirits business had been located 1.3 km from more than three neighbouring arid communes. “We have an agreement in principle with our owner, the NT airport, to transfer to an alternative site,” he said.

“We understand that not all current opponents will oppose the new site.” In the mid-1990s, an innovative model of Aboriginal primary health care was launched in the far west of NSW. Faced with lingering concerns about the disease and the need to improve primary health care, the local community created an independent Aboriginal organization (later Maari Maari) to deal with “health affairs.” Instead of establishing an autonomous Aboriginal medical service, the municipality of the far west decided to develop an integrated model of primary health care with health services provided in the area by the NSW Health Department`s area health department. The collaborative approach (with Maari Maari, the Greater Western Area Health Service and Commonwealth funds for a coordinated care experience in the region) enabled Maari Maari to provide health services management in areas outside Broken Hill, while the Maari Maari Area Health Department provided various office services and funding for three positions within the management team. Although there was some controversy about organizational interdependence at the time of the initial agreement, it offered protection against restarting too early to lead an autonomous organization and allowed for a permanent focus on the core business. A recent evaluation of the agreement, ten years after it was signed, showed that the result was an increase in funding for primary health care for Aboriginal people and therefore an increase in primary care.132 A number of health indicators show some improvement – although it is difficult, as in most local cases, to be absolutely sure of the extent to which they have been the result of improved primary care. The KoPs and all Australian governments signed a new national agreement last July to fill this gap.

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