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December 8, 2020

Florida College Articulation Agreement

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The success of Florida`s articulation agreements depends in large part on the strength of our national course numbering system, which facilitates the transfer of credits between public universities. Florida Statute 1007.24 (7) states that “any student who passes between post-secondary institutions fully accredited by a regional or national accreditation body accredited by the U.S. Department of Education and participates in the national course numbering system receives credit from the receiving institution for courses that are satisfactorily completed by students from previous higher education institutions. Recognition is granted when the courts are judged… The host university is a higher education institution that was established in 1992. In 2019, florida`s legislature amended the status of Florida 1007.23 to write that each Florida College System (FCS) institution must develop a 2/2 direct articulation agreement with at least one institution in the State University System (SSE). These direct articulation agreements aim to strengthen the state articulation agreement that has been in force for almost half a century. Today, Santa Fe College has direct articulation agreements with the following universities: this publication is neither a contract nor a contract offer. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this publication, the College reserves the right to make changes at any time with respect to course offers, educational requirements, services rendered, participation fees or any other issue addressed in this publication. These agreements define the FSCJ A.S. programs that are transferred to each University in the State of Florida that offers the program.

The list includes only the A.S. to B.S. Statewide Articulation Agreements in which FSCJ participates. These agreements indicate A.S. programs that are transferred to any state university in Florida that offers the corresponding bachelor`s degree studies, such as.B. A.S. Nursing at B.S. Nursing (not all public universities have the corresponding licensing programs). Please note that few FSCJ A.S.

accounts are included in this national articulation agreement. A full list of A.S. to B.S. Statewide Articulation Agreements can be found on the Florida Shines website or at the Office of Articulation, Florida Department of Education Career Career Ladder Agreements. You can also visit the Florida Department of Education Office of Articulation website for additional agreements such as double winding, education and technical training agreements and other related information. Students cannot move from the specific major to the specific major, A.S. Nursing, to B.S. Nursing, as shown in the table below. For example, you cannot transfer an A.S. in business management to a B.S. in nursing. Students who graduated from an S.A.

before the fall of 2000 are not allowed to participate in these specific national articulation agreements, but may still apply for a transfer to a university or university. Some private colleges and universities, which are not members of the ICUL, have negotiated a joint union agreement for all Community colleges in Florida. The Florida Department of Education Division of Community Colleges has signed a joint agreement with a few other specific private colleges and universities.

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